ChemInnov - Specific technical features

Stability reinforcement and flue gas inlet on ChemInnov ®
The smoke flue inlet is a sensitive part of the chimney as every time the plates are opened, the chimney’s stability is weakened. This is why all of our ChemInnov® chimneys are fitted with belt and straight base reinforcements to ensure mechanical resistance and long life. Fume evacuation is facilitated with smoke flue inlets at 135°. By limiting pressure loss, the output of generators is more effective.

Evacuation of condensation
The dew point is when water in the flue gas turns from a gas state to a liquid state. This common phenomenon during smoke evacuation creates condensation. By installing a condensation trap and drain pipe, the chimney is kept clean easily and effectively. The condensation trap is always located
as close as possible to the flue gas inlet to protect it from cold fumes that would damage the chimney base. The whole system helps to protect the generator from backflow of condensation from the chimney.

Anchoring on the free-standing ChemInnov ®

For an effective and rapid connection, ChemInnov® has a base plate that can be turned 360°, meaning that the chimney can turn on itself. It therefore becomes easier to align the chimney with the smoke evacuation horizontal flue. A fastening system by guided collars keeps the chimney stable.