ChemInnov Autostable ChemInnov Autostable
Tied ChemInnov Free-standing

ChemInnov® chimneys are standard, industrial chimneys,
intended for all types of boilers and electricity generators
running on gas, fuel, oil or wood with flue gas temperatures
of 60° to 550°C.

ChemInnov® chimneys are available in diameters 200 to
800mm. They are made out of austenitic stainless steel
and insulated by mineral wool, the thickness and density
of which vary depending on application. The standard fi-
nish jacket is made from primary aluminium.

They can be tied with a guiding collar or free-standing
with embedded anchors in the ground.
The ChemInnov®
base plate means that the chimney can be turned 360°.

  • Competitiveness
  • Saves time: manufacture, delivery, assembly
  • Connection flexibility
  • Wide choice of finishes
  • Easy to assemble