Double-wall chimneys

Double-Wall chimneys

Double-Wall chimneys are metal industrial chimneys comprising a bearing structure (external wall) for stability and an internal heat insulated flue liner for evacuating fumes.

Double-wall chimneys are designed for all types of boilers, electricity generators, turbines, furnaces and all fuel types: gas, heating oil, heavy fuel oil, wood, coal, biogas and biomass. They are adapted to evacuate all types of fl ue gases. The smoke temperature can reach
1,200°C or more.

Double-wall chimneys can be tied, free-standing or guy wired. They can be adapted to all types of height (from 12m) and diameter to suit your operating appliance requirements.

  • Excellent stability thanks to the bearing structure
  • Reliability of chimney
  • All heights
  • Technical response to the legislative and environmental requirements
  • Adaptation of liner material to operating conditions