Gigogne chimneys


Gigogne, or concentric flue, chimneys comprise several nested flue liners of decreasing diameters. The internal flues evacuate fumes from the generators and the shell evacuates fumes and forms the structural shell of the chimney.

Gigogne chimneys provide the ideal response to the regulations: «Every effort is made to ensure that the combustion gases are evacuated using the least number of chimneys possible, at a height enabling an effective dispersal of pollutants».

Gigogne chimneys are designed for all types of gas, heavy fuel oil, biogas or biomass-fired electricity generators and boilers. They are adapted to evacuate all types of gases. The smoke temperature can reach 600°C.
To optimise maintenance and repairs, only the central flue (with a smaller diameter) can be used with solid or liquid fuel. The ring smoke flues are for use with natural gas..

  • Saves space in line with the legislation
  • Saves money and is competitive
  • Wide choice of designs: finishes and decoration
  • Easy to inspect, maintain and repair
  • Effective and long-lasting