Single-flue chimneys

Single-flue chimneys

Single-flue chimneys are single-wall metal industrial chimneys intended for boilers, electricity generators, turbines and furnaces running on gas, heating oil, heavy fuel oil, wood, coal, biogas or biomass.

The smoke flue ensures both the stability of the chimney and smoke evacuation. Our extensive choice of materials means that Single-flue chimneys can be adapted to evacuate all types of waste. The smoke temperature can reach 1,200°C and more.

Single-flue chimneys can be tied, free-standing or guy wired.
They can be adapted to all types of height and diameter to suit your operating appliance requirements..

  • Made-to-measure chimney proportioned according to the type of generator
  • Wide choice of finishes and decoration
  • Different materials and insulating materials possible
  • All types of stability