Multi-flue chimneys - Options
  • Lightning conductor system: stainless steel rods comply with local regulations with “crow’s foot” earth connection,
    copper plate outside heat insulation and lightning meters
  • Fall arrest system ladder compliant with NF EN 353-1, fixed hoop ladder with landings or offset flights (height
    between two landings to 6m according to NFE 85-016 and ISO 14122-4, height between 2 platforms, so a single
    section to 8m according to NFE 85-016 and to 10m according to ISO 14122-4). Specific compliance on demand.
  • Inspection platform and work platform compliant with NFE 85-014 or ISO 14122-2. Specific compliance on
  • Pads for temperature and dust measurements
  • Aircraft warning day-time marking: with paint red and white stripes
  • Aircraft warning night-time marking: high-intensity duty/standby lamps to be supplied from chimney base
  • Acoustic treatment by beirens: absorptive silencers (bulbs, baffles, absorbent wall), reactive silencers (single
    chamber, double-chamber, wave resonators)
  • Vibration loading treatment: dynamic vibration damper by beirens
  • Stainless steel mirror finish, all RAL shades or custom-made decoration
  • Storm collar
  • Ejection cone by beirens