Multi-flue chimneys

Multi-flue chimneys

Multi-flue chimneys comprise of several flue liners incorporated into a shell. The internal flues evacuate fumes. The structural shell makes the installation stable.

Multi-flue chimneys
are designed for all types of boilers, electricity generators, turbines and furnaces irrespective of the type(s) of fuel: gas, heating oil, heavy fuel oil, wood, coal, biogas and biomass. They are adapted to evacuate all types of waste and the smoke temperatures can reach 600°C.

Multi-flue chimneys can be free-standing or self-supporting.
They are suitable for all types of height (from 12m) and diameter to suit your operating appliance requirements.


  • Perfectly designed stability for all chimney heights and dynamic loading (separate bearing shell)
  • Extensive choice of design: finishes, decoration and forms
  • Different generators, fuels and power capacities
  • Personnel safety: secure and ventilated access facilities all the way up the chimney
  • Easy to inspect, repair and upkeep
  • Effective and long-lasting