Products of the highest quality

The BEIRENS products are manufactured at our factory in Buzançais, France. It has a manufacture and logistics area of 42,000 m2 all inside,
ensuring all weather production of even the largest of chimneys.

BEIRENS invests in state-of-the-art technology to ensure respect for the environment and maximum safety for its workforce, our automated processes ensure modern and meticulous manufacture.

Our welders are EN 287-1 and EN 1418 certified, and are expert in the processes and techniques required for producing welded assemblies. All our products can be designed and manufactured in compliance with (European) EN 13084, (French) NFP 22472, (German) DIN 4133, (British) BS 4076 and (American) ASME IX standards.

BEIRENS also has EN 15614-1 accreditation for all its welded assembly products.

We make every effort to use innovative materials adapted to all your operational constraints, and to design aesthetically pleasing chimneys in line with your company’s image.