To respond to standards and laws evolution, but also to the technical ones in the field of industrial chimneys, exhaust ducts and acoustic treatment and vibration, BEIRENS develops, each year, a comprehensive training program to all its employees.

In partnership with professional training organizations such as AFPI, AFPA, GRETA and the Chamber of Commerce, BEIRENS has at its disposal all the necessary means to master perfectly the rules of the profession.

The training plan BEIRENS is based on 3 main areas:

    puce « workshops » trainings: cranes, forklifts, welding, etc..

    puce « worksites » trainings: powered access training, prevention of chemical hazards, scaffolding, working at heights, first aid work, etc..

    puce « maintenance » trainings: cranes driver training, aerial work platforms, upgrading of certificates, etc..

For over 15 years, BEIRENS favours apprenticeship. So many employees, shop foremen, welders, boilermakers, IT engineers, project managers have benefited from this formula.