Poujoulat Group

For over 30 years, « Cheminées Poujoulat » has devoted its experience to the design of complete smoke evacuation for private houses, collective accommodation and industrial processes.

With over 1.650 employees and an annual turnover of 220 million euros, the Poujoulat Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer for metal smoke evacuation systems. The Group is active in 30 countries, with a total of 16 companies, 170 000 m2 of buildings and 50 shipping bays, strategically located across Europe.

European subsidiaries : United Kingdom (Poujoulat UK Ltd), Belgium and Luxemburg (Poujoulat BeLux SA/NV), Holland (Poujoulat BV), Poland (Poujoulat s.p. z o.o.), Turkey (Poujoulat AS), Italy (Poujoulat SRL), Germany (Poujoulat GmbH) and Denmark (VL Staal).

The Poujoulat group is the industrial stack European leader and has a complete and performance offer.

This division, together BEIRENS and VL STAAL companies (Design, Manufacture, installation and maintenance) with MCC2I company (surveys, maintenance and services), achieves 60% of its turnover abroad. Poujoulat Group has more than 20% European market share and is especially leader in France, Scandinavian and Germany and very much existing in Benelux, United Kingdom, in Ukraine, Russia, Middle East and North and West Africa. The industrial chimney division represents 35 million euros turnover and has around 250 employees, with 40 technicians and engineers and 40 services and installations on site dedicated people.


Since the beginning of 1983, VL Staal a/s is now one of the leading producers of freestanding steel stacks.
VL Staal a/s has one of the largest production capacity in its field in Europe and produces freestanding chimneys until Ø5 500 mm diameter and more than 120m height. On CNC milling, drilling centers and “3 in 1 “solution in welding,  VL Staal a/s has the capacity to design and manufacture even very large components and steel structure.

Located in Esbjerg in Denmark, VL Staal a/s can ship their steel stacks and components to the whole world by sea.

As one of the leader producing steel chimneys in the world, VL Staal a/s possesses CE marking and design & manufacture within  EN 1090 and EN 13084 working in compliance with the latest norms and according to international standards.

Its management system constitutes an integrated quality and environment management and is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Research and innovation

The Poujoulat Group continuously monitors developments in standards and legislation relating    to its business, anticipates the changes required to existing solutions and regularly improves these through the work of the CERIC laboratory, which carries out regular tests on existing products and develops new products. Partner of the Poujoulat Group, the AGECIC is a training center specialized in the installations of combustion and renewable energies. The AGECIC proposes professional trainings for the building and heating trades in following fields: Stove setting and atrery, heating, wood energy, regulation, trainings for « Qualibois » certification and maintenance for heaters.

Sustainable development
For several years (ISO 14001 certification in 2004), the Poujoulat group has been developing a policy aimed at reducing its environmental footprint. This is particularly achieved by:

•The eco-design of products (Products are more than 97% recyclable.
• The development of systems enabling a reduction in the energy consumption of heating systems, while maintaining their efficiency.
•The development of renewable energy sources, in particular wood and solar energy
•Transport optimisation.

Internally, the Poujoulat Group is also investing heavily in the optimization of consumption. For example, almost 100,000 m2 of its buildings are heated using wood products and from its log manufacturing plants.