Reactiveness all year around

Your chimneys contribute to your brand. They reflect your dynamism, your production capacity and your respect for the environment. That is why the expertise, upkeep and maintenance of your facility are essential.

Beirens controls all works of preventive and corrective maintenance on supporting shells and smoke flues in metal, brick or concrete (as well as equipment and accessories).

The Beirens’ teams carry out regular upkeep and maintenance visits to ensure the best operating conditions. In case of non-compliance or degradation, they perform the necessary actions.

At each control, technicians issue a maintenance technical notice mentioning future recommendations according to the latest legislative decrees.

Beirens is involved on chimneys’ maintenance work in:

- Repair on supporting shell: On the structure by using civil engineering techniques (for concrete chimneys) and on welding (for metal chimneys). Generally, this work is performed outside the chimney.

- Repair on masonry smoke flues in refractory brick or metal casing.

Beirens performs too equipment work such as:

- Creation and maintenance of measuring points: In compliance with NFX 44-052 and NF EN 132841 Norms. This work is performed inside the chimney.
- Repair or replacement of access means:  Ladders, walkways and fixed platforms.
- Repair or replacement of accessories and protection equipment: Lightning protection system (in compliance with NF EN 62305-3 Norm), aircraft day- and nighttime markings.

Work on chimney equipment and accessories are performed following standards like NF EN ISO 14122 for « permanent access means to machines ».
Beirens finally realizes total or partial chimney deconstruction , safely and respecting the environment. It is also possible to dismantle facilities in sensitive environments or in working plants. With its experience and reactivity, Beirens can secure and demolish structures presenting an imminent danger.