BEIRENS devotes each year a large annual budget to R&D.

For over 30 years, the company has been coming up with new products, new manufacturing processes, and new concepts, to meet our customers ever changing demands with improved quality and service requirements with a healthy regard for the impact on the environment: renewable energies and acoustic treatment.

BEIRENS has been the source of a great many innovations, including the dynamic absorber, the ‘Gigogne’ chimney, ChemInnov®, incorporation of silencers in chimneys, explosion relief valve, anti-vaccum.

Ceric installationThe company’s technological advances are very much due to our R&D and QSE Departments, as well as to the skills at work at CETIM (Centre Technique des Mécaniciens), the CERIC Laboratory (The POUJOULAT Group’s Centre d’Essais et de Recherche des Industries de la Cheminée), and the AXILAB Laboratory (specialising in gas dynamics, structural vibration, and acoustics).

The CERIC Laboratory Laboratory first part of POUJOULAT SA (accredited COFRAC No. 01-1033 - available online: www.cofrac.fr)standard for testing of metal smoke flues.

It also carries out tests on fuels (gas, liquid and solid), on combustion (gas effluents and solid residues), and on coupling of the ‘apparatus – fuel – smoke evacuation flue’ system (determination of overall output, smoke purification, treatment of condensation, etc.).

It has the only facilities of its kind in Europe – 480 m2 of usable surface area, with 4 testing areas: mechanical, thermal, aeraulic and combustion. Over 1,000 tests are carried out there every year in the context of quality control and continuous improvement of the Group’s products.