Acoustic treatment and noise pollution Traitement acoustique

Current Context

Noise is one of the greatest curses of our modern world. With the emergence of new technologies have also emerged acoustic phenomena non negligible and often sources of noise inconvenience.

The figures attest, noise is the first home nuisance reported by 54% of people residing in cities over 50,000 inhabitants and health consequences are proved: hypertension, sleep disorders, anxiety, depressive behavior ...

The regulatory changes in this direction and is also becoming increasingly restrictive towards the "noise pollution" generated by the new facilities.

What could be the sound sources being dealt with in exhausts?

All equipment with moving parts are source of one or more sound sources. Each of these movements generates pulses of sound waves vibrating at different frequencies (in Hertz) and levels (in decibels) more or less important. These waves then propagate through the smoke flues and radiate at the discharge outlet and/or through the chimney walls.

The main sources are the returns of fan and exhaust boilers, turbines and engines.
These sources are generally characterized by their manufacturer through a sound spectrum allowing to identify and deal with emergencies that may arise from the facility.

BEIRENS and the acoustic treatment

BEIRENS designs, manufactures and installs standard and made-to-measure silencers according to your needs and operating conditions to treat the radiation noise at inlet or through the walls of the flues.

The approach is to analyze and characterize the noise sources and then being able to determine the best solutions to the constraints of the installation.
Assembly can be done by our specialists, trained to work on all types of environments. In addition our experience in smoke flues acoustics also allows us to perform many reconditioning of existing silencers.

In any event, we recommend treating the problem of noise from the beginning when the project means to overcome are perfectly controlled. So you need to have at the earliest the manufacturers’ of generators (burners, boilers, fans, motors, turbines,...) data. Without reliable data, you must reserve room to the installation of a silencer with adequate access. The price of this equipment is often not the fact of its manufacturing but that of its location in a facility not provided for this purpose. Therefore BEIRENS stacks (lien vers rubrique Chimneys) and their connecting ducts (lien vers Horizontal exhausts) can be designed from the outset, with integrated acoustic treatment or "ready" to receive an acoustic treatment.

BEIRENS commits itself to guarantee its silencers in terms of noise performance and mechanical strength over time. Several technologies are used and can be combined to achieve the desired results:

Reactive Type Silencer :
- single and double-chamber resonator
- quarter wave resonator
- Helmholtz resonator

Absorptive type silencer :
- baffles
- bulbs
- absorbing walls

Some references : Piaggio, Pontedera - Italy