There are many sides to the industry : Chemicals, glassware, incineration, cement, steel industry, energy production … Nonetheless, one subject is of concern to all of the actors of this industry : The necessity to maintain their production tools in perfect conditions in order to meet customers’ needs.

Better safe than sorry

Industrial chimneys are the most visible points on industrial sites but they don’t always belong to the maintenance programs on these sites. A chimney which stops, and it’s all or a part of the plant which is shut down.

Each industrial must know the general state of his chimneys: On one part to be able to maintain his production tool and on the other hand because the norms require a regular monitoring by a specialized company.

Regularly we are contacted when the damage has already occured while preventive maintenance helps to preserve the industrial tool.

MCC2I, maintenance expert for industrial chimneys.

In 2011, Beirens acquired MCC2I to complete its maintenance offer on industrial chimneys and to extend it to industrial chimneys in brick and concrete.

MCC2I proposes expertise for the inside and outside of chimneys in concrete, brick or metal:

  • Visual or video inspection,
  • Thickness measurement by ultrasound,
  • Sampling and analysis of samples,
  • Thermographic surveys …

MCC2I assumes its responsibility for providing a diagnostic to the customer.
In addition to this know-how, MCC2I also controls all repairs on  – chimneys, ducts and equipment which are part of them such as bridges, lightning protection systems, day-and-night lighting, platform.

MCC2I can also install compulsory measuring points to analyse flue gases from the chimney.

MCC2I performs too work of partial or total demolition by insuring safety on the site.
If necessary, the teams can operate in still active environments.

MCC2I completes its maintenance activities through the installation of new chimneys and flue stacks, mainly metal, up to 150 m high, in compliance with CE-marking.

For these interventions, MCC2I is committed in providing quality services according to rules and norms relevant to all chimneys’ work. The MCC2I teams are composed with specialists, working on site and authorized to work at height and in sensitive areas, as well as engineering design office that supports your calculations and drawings but also your diagnoses and recommendations.

Essential actors, Beirens and MCC2I are working with leading OEMs in France, Europe and Africa.

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