The Heat Fund

The Heat Fund – Heat Biomass Industry and Agriculture (BCIA)

Current Context

Half of the final energy consumption in France is designed to produce heat, and yet it still relies mainly on fossil fuels. Although France does not lack alternatives. It is in this objective that the State presented end of 2008 the Heat Fund.

What is the Heat Fund?


Major commitment of the Grenelle Environment, Heat Fund aims to develop the production of heat from renewable energies (biomass, geothermal, solar thermal, biogas and district heating) in the areas of residential accommodation, offices, public communities, industry and agriculture.

The French government has endowed the Heat Fund with a budget of 1 billion € over 3 years renewable.

The Heat Fund aims, by 2020, to increase of 5.47 Mtoe*/year the energy production through renewable sources.


The request for proposals BCIA

It focuses on providing industrial facilities an annual energy production of over 1000toe from biomass. The state has delegated the management of this fund to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME).

The lattest has launched in 2009 a first request for proposals to encourage the development of projects of heat production from biomass in industry and agriculture.

In the end, more than 60 million Euros of aid have been allocated for a total thermal production of 145,000toe. This has prevented more than 420,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The goal for 2010 is to encourage the development of projects in industry, agriculture and the private services sector (offices, shops, large areas of distribution, airports ...). For this the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) put on a thermal output of more than 175,000toe.

BEIRENS and the Heat Fund

laboratoire_ceric.pngUnder the Heat Fund, BEIRENS provides design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of products and solutions perfectly adapted to these new commitments to the environment.

In collaboration with Ceric and largest manufacturers of appliances for biomass, BEIRENS follows the evolution of fuels and adapts its materials.


(*Mtoe = Million Tons of Oil Equivalent)

What is the Heat Fund?