biomass smoke condenser

Optimize your wood boiler with energy recovery by condensation SaveEnergy.

Beirens offers a complete solution for smoke treatment through the SaveEnergy technology, leader in condensation and filtration of biomass smokes.

At the heart of this custom solution, THE BIOMASS SMOKE CONDENSOR allows to recover the considerable energy in steam form escaping from the smoke. The intensive showering of smokes in the condenser provides the best possible thermal exchange so the highest profitability of your biomass boiler room.

The heat exchanger, consisting of a myriad of water droplets in constant regeneration, is insensitive to corrosion and clogging. In addition to ensure durability and maintenance savings of your smoke condenser, this property allows you to equip your biomass boiler with the optimal technology for biomass smoke cleaning

  • Maximal thermal efficiency
  • Optimal recovery
  • Optimized power
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Adaptive and compact installation

biomass smoke condenser