Turbine silencers

Baffle silencers

This type of silencer consists of a series of parallel baffles placed inside the smoke flue (exhaust or chimney) creating large contact areas that efficiently absorb low, medium and high frequency noises. The noise generated by turbine exhausts is significant (>130 dB) and therefore requires high-performance acoustic treatment. Each baffle is optimised to achieve the highest level of performance, while reducing pressure losses as much as possible.

BEIRENS has developed a specific baffle design for this application, made up of independent absorbent boxes mounted on slides that are free to move and expand in relation to each other. Thus, each one is subject to lower mechanical stress, which contributes to avoid cracking, increasing both acoustic and structural performance.

Baffle silencers

  • Excellent acoustic performance at medium and high frequencies
  • Good resistance to high temperatures
  • Reduced pressure losses
  • Easy to handle and maintain