Our engineers are there to assist you, whatever your project

There is no better partner than our Project Department in the development and implementation of all your projects. With a team of 20 specialists, this department will act on your behalf in carrying out structural, acoustic, aeraulic and thermal calculations and expert assessments.

Assessments and implementation plans alike comply with all prescriptive and regulatory data (international building regulations, decrees and
orders), guaranteeing high levels of performance and safety.

The structure calculations of welded stacks are made for actions due to:

    puce wind (Eurocode EN1991-1-4) NV65, ASME, DIN4133, 854072, CICIND and other national codes

    puce earthquake (PS 92, Eurocode EN 1998-1) and other international codes

    puce explosion (specific data)

    puce dead loads

    puce operating loads (overload due to human occupancy, maintenance)

These actions will allow the determination of the loads and the dynamic actions perpendicular to the wind.

The structural components and assemblies are calculated and verified as:

    puce warping of the shell (sizing and spacing of the ovalization stiffeners)

    puce strengthening of the shell (size of belts and jamb at openings level)

    puce assembly (sizing of anchors and connection flanges)

    puce fatigue (calculating the extent of stress caused by the perpendicular actions)CE

Our chimneys conform to the EN 13084 standard, in application of  the 93-68 EEC directive on construction products.
Our CERIC Research Laboratory has carried out the tests in the context of our CE certification.