28/02/2014 - New condenser

As a specialist of industrial exhausts’ integration, BEIRENS uses its technological advantages to design, manufacture, install on site and maintain efficient facilities.
BEIRENS is also interested in all technologies for optimal energy efficiency. The process of energy recovery by condensation has proved itself for many years on fossil fuel; all players of the energy sector are convinced. Several European countries have developed condensation systems for biomass applications.

France became interested in this topic; prescribers study more and more the adaptation of biomass condenser to existing infrastructures. In this context, BEIRENS weaves a partnership with SaveEnergy – specialist in biomass condensation solutions – to integrate these solutions for wet biomass condensation to our exhausts.

Together, BEIRENS and SaveEnergy are key factors in the effectiveness of your biomass facilities:
* Maximal thermal efficiency
* Optimal recovery
* Compact and modular system
* Low maintenance cost

For more information, BEIRENS invites you to visit our stand at BOIS ENERGIE St Etienne where we will present the biomass condensation solution of SaveEnergy.